About Us

Greg and Rose Hartschuh have raised sheep for several years. Rose tells the story that she accidentally became a sheep farmer after caring for her neighbor’s flock while he rehabilitated over the winter in a nursing home. It didn’t take long, however, and the Hartschuhs were hooked! Now, they raise over 150 predominately black-faced ewes. The Hartschuhs seven year-old twin sons, Dwight and Jordan, are already young shepherds, assisting with all aspects of flock care.

We pride ourselves on raising quality sheep… sheep that will stand their own in the show ring or will grade well on the rail. We credit our involvement in 4-H and FFA to exposing us to lifelong lessons, and we are excited to help other exhibitors attain the same success. We believe that youth should be able to raise competitive animals without breaking the bank, and we look forward to working alongside them from the time they select their project until they walk through the sale ring and well beyond.

In addition to youth show projects, we also work hard to grow solid lambs that will meet consumer needs. We are always open to selling lambs from the farm, and we can walk you through getting the best cuts at the butcher shop.